From the President

Father Joseph P. Tierney

Mar 06

We are Family

March 6, 2017 | 4:53 pm

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of family is a group of individuals living under one roof. In today’s world, family doesn’t always reflect our biological ties. They are the relationships that bind us together to form lasting impressions. At Hayes, our family connection is rooted in the spirit of brotherhood. As with any family, we may have disagreements, but it is the love and support that we receive from each other that keeps us going. A teacher, a coach, a mentor all represent people in our lives that push us through the challenges that we face. They also help us celebrate the moments where there is a great victory. My family is very important to me and I love them dearly. However, ‘family’ extends far beyond my parents and my six brothers and sisters.

Throughout the years, I have had people in my life who have become dear to me: Monsignor John Sheehan, Mr. Frank Cafaro, Bishop James P. Mahoney, Sr. Judith Henchey, Sr. Anne Kniphiusen and Edwin Cardinal O’Brien, to name a few. All of them, and so many others, have inspired me how to be a good person and live as a man of integrity. In the past 12 years, the Cardinal Hayes community has also become part of that extended family I have in my life. This bond grows deeper as the year’s progress.
The people who we call family stamp our hearts with cherished memories. They motivate us and challenge us to approach each situation with respect and kindness. These are the same intrinsic values that we teach our Hayesmen every day. Family is not bound by bloodline, but by the caring nature of the people who are truly committed to our spiritual and emotional well-being. Our relationships represent a kaleidoscope of a community filled with a depth of energy that helps us thrive.

After 75 years in the South Bronx, the family ties of Hayes are stronger than ever. Year after year, many of our alumni come back to their adopted home at 650 Grand Concourse in appreciation for all the wonderful things they have experienced during their tenure. We are always honored to have the Sons of Hayes come back home and show their support. This incredible family tapestry is what makes us an undeniable force. Let us continue on this path of unity. Up Hayes and all its loyal men!