From the President

Father Joseph P. Tierney

Oct 02

There’s No Place Like Home

October 2, 2017 | 7:04 pm



I am happy to welcome you back to school, as we embark on yet another journey together. As I would say, we are blessed and highly favored because of all the people that make 650 Grand Concourse a wonderful place. The teachers, staff, and coaches help students see their potential and give them the impetus to strive higher.  It is no question that what we do here is truly special. For many students, Hayes is a home away from home where they feel safe, nurtured, and protected.

In recent weeks, the word “safe” has had a different connotation for many people living in other parts of the country and the world. The wrath of hurricanes and other natural disasters affected residents of Texas, Florida, New Orleans, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean Islands. What we saw on our television screens were unimaginable, where homes and entire cities were destroyed due to the brutal force of the storms. For many, it will take months, if not years to rebuild the place that they once called home.

Let us remember all those affected by these catastrophic events in our daily prayers.  We must ask God to bring us hope during these challenging times. As you all know at Hayes, we believe that with prayer and support we can begin to change our circumstances for the better.  In an effort to help those suffering from the horrible effects of the hurricanes, Cardinal Hayes has reached out to Monsignor Kelly High School in Beaumont, Texas to help raise funds for the students and their families. The Student Activities Christian Committee (SACC), with the help of Mr. Francis Badillo will take up a collection.  Every morning, members of SACC will be in the lobby asking for your support by purchasing a wristband that reads, “Hayes supports Kelly * * * * * * Brothers and Sisters in Christ”.  Please give generously to this worthy endeavor. Your contribution will provide much needed funds to those in need. We thank you for making Cardinal Hayes High School the amazing place that is and will continue to be for the next generation of Hayesmen. Plans are in the making for assisting those in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean who have been struggling from the effects of Hurricane Jose and Maria.