Alumni Stories

Jul 10

Justice Under God (JUG)

July 10, 2017 | 4:27 pm

It’s 7:45 am do you know where you should be? If you’re a Hayesman, this question sounds familiar. On many weekday mornings, you may witness students breathlessly sprinting up the Grand Concourse trying to beat the clock. For those who arrive late, this means they will take residence in Room 139, aka JUG. No cell phones or books are allowed in detention. You and a few of your “friends” will be listening to the monotonous ticking of the clock. Oh yes, at the front of the room will be Mr. Rudy Turnbull ’99, Dean of Discipline with an icy glare that says for the next hour you are not going anywhere.
A graduate of John Jay College, Turnbull received his degree in computer science. It turns out that his passion for the game of football led him down a completely different career path than he originally planned. Coach CJ O’Neil brought him on as a coach and he eventually became a math teacher at Hayes. In 2014, he was offered the dean of discipline position and the rest, as they say, is history. Since taking on the role, Turnbull has garnered quite a reputation. He is known for being fair but yet firm. As an alumnus of Hayes, he understands how important it is for students to receive proper guidance. “We want the students to know that we care about them. Everything that we do is for the betterment of their future. We have 950 sons that we are trying to help become young men. ”

The history of JUG dates back to the late 1940s. Father Stanislaus Jablonski, respectively known as “Jabbo,” was a staunch disciplinarian. As the dean of discipline from 1949-1962, he was legendary for his method of discipline from the haircut checks to the no lighting up a cigarette zone. Any culprit caught breaking these rules would spend considerable time in JUG. Although Turnbull hasn’t instituted some of Jablonski’s cringe worthy rules, he expressed deep respect for his predecessors. “I respect the people that came before me. You must be fair, just, and consistent with policy.” With the help of his colleagues, Terence Mulvey, Assistant to the Principal of Student Affairs, Denys Trigueno, Assistant Dean of Discipline and Orlando Encarnacion, Assistant to the Dean of Discipline, students acquire the structure and support that is at the very core of the Hayes culture.

Turnbull has both professional and personal attachments to his alma mater. The bonds that he formed throughout his high school years were transformational. “Hayes is the ultimate fraternity. The best four years of my life were at Hayes. The friendships I made here were timeless. Six of my groomsmen at my wedding were Hayesmen. Turnbull also has fond memories of some of his favorite teachers. “I had three great algebra teachers Mr. Rockford, Dean West, and Mr. Ryan. I had a very solid foundation because of those teachers. They had a teaching style that made learning enjoyable.”

So the question lingers for those who are curious…did Dean Turnbull ever get JUG as a student at Hayes? The answer is yes! Turnbull found himself in JUG only twice in four years.